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Friday, March 1, 2013

Which Question To Ask

I just watched Amanda Palmer. Fell in love with her. Something about what she said gave me chills and made me awe in utter amazement. Asking makes you vulnerable. And she’s right. It’s a little hard to explain but I think I understand what she’s trying to convey through all the countless times I felt really afraid, very afraid and hesitant, to ask questions. Asking gives away the control to someone else. I’m just so impressed at how a person can live freely, making herself this vulnerable and available to the world, and in turn making herself receive more. It's like asking the world how much love she can give you and having her respond to you continuously, never wanting to stop. Knowing which questions to ask. I still have these goosebumps. Amanda opened herself to the world and the world just gave her everything her heart could carry. No. Actually,  more than what her heart could ever carry. It’s an overflow. I can feel it ebbing through her video. I can feel it coming from who she really is. And I just can't stop listening. 

www.ted.com --- Amanda Palmer

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